Key Personnel

•Trevor Palmer

Trevor is a full-time wheelchair user who runs his own business from Newport in South Wales. Trevor is a well known bag designer and expert in the manufacture of leather articles. This manufacturing process extends to supplying specialist accessories to wheelchair users around the world. In addition to being a committed humanitarian, Trevor has worked with a number of disability organisations to promote the rights, inclusion and equality of disabled people. From 1981 to 1998 Trevor completed nine voluntary assignments for the British Executive Service Overseas. Trevor worked in countries such as Trinidad, Mongolia, Zimbabwe and India, on enterprises which were designed to promote employment and sustainable economic development. Trevor also has interests in the Arts, and established the Azure Gallery and Studio in London during the 1980’s and more recently ran the Disability Advisory Group at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay during its construction. Trevor is a director of Disability Wales.

• Vaughan Temby

Vaughan volunteered his experience to the project soon after the Global Disaster and Relief and Sustainability Fund was set up. Vaughan has spent many years living, working and traveling overseas. Vaughan has worked in agriculture; as a Teacher in a Thai language school; and as a Sales Manager of a Hong Kong based Import Company. Vaughan has also been a keen worker in the disability sector, working at a leading Rehabilitation Centre, and as a Lifestyle worker for young disabled people. Vaughan currently works as Community Engagement Officer for Disability Cornwall which aims to promote the full inclusion of disabled people in society.