Powerful Earthquake Devastates Nepal


On the 25th April the Gorkha earthquake rocked Nepal killing over 7,000 people and injuring thousands, many of who will be disabled for life. We have previously coordinated in 2005 (Kashmir earthquake) and in 2010 (Haiti earthquake) with Merlin to get mobility and medical equipment on site to assist disabled earthquake survivors. Merlin were taken over by Save the Children three years ago and fortunately our relationship continues. In conjunction with our Welsh partner Wheelie Good Idea we delivered over 3 tons of mobility and medical equipment to the Merlin / Save the Children emergency depot to be air freighted to Kathmandu This photo was taken by volunteer Lorna Cabble who is one of the USW Photojournalism we are colorabrating with on our Kenyan project. Nadia and Eugene from Save the Children and Matthew and myself are listing everything to make it ready to be palletised for shipment. Financial donations are now desperately needed to get back on track to be ready for future disasters and to continue our Kenyan endeavours. We have 'emptied the tank' to get this together.