ResponsABLE Assistance



Meaning ‘Freedom’ in Swahili, Fursa is an initiative to assist disabled people to create their own sustainable enterprises.

In partnership with the Kibwezi Disabled Peoples Organisation (KDPO) and Project Co-ordinator Dr. Cecilia W Nyaga we plan to undertake a pilot in order for three enterprises in this rural district of Kenya to be ready to trade by 2021.

Prior to trading, enterprises funded by our Fursa initiative will have been assisted in areas necessary to trade independently and compliant with local regulations. We understand the therapeutic, financial and community benefits enterprise can provide to people with disabilities.

We will be providing regular updates on fund raising and sponsorship opportunities. You, your organisation, company, college or university can actively sponsor Fursa enterprises. Partnership is more than just a word...

We are a not for profit organisation run by volunteers which has now been active since late 2004 striving to look after the interests of disabled people in disaster situations worldwide. Check out this site to find out more, please go to our Facebook page and page down to see recent activities.